Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This year has been great, everything that I could have asked for.  As I write this, we have one more formation and one more review until we are officially done.  It has been a great ride, and I for one wouldn't change anything.  It seems strange as I write this last blog post that my time in the Corps has come to a close.  No more uniforms, no more boots, no more brass, no more formations, no more halftimes, no more Corps.  It is certainly a bittersweet time for me and the rest of my buddies.  Life as we have known it for the past four years is over.  

We have done and accomplished many things this year in A-Co, but I am most proud about the attitude that has been shown and grown during this year.  We have changed the outfit culture from being ok with mediocrity to accepting nothing short of greatness.  We are no longer satisfied with being a middle of the pack outfit.  Cadets looked at me like I was crazy when I challenged them after the first semester to continue doing exceptional because I liked the view from up top.  I think that at this point, the outfit knows what I was talking about and will continue to strive to make that a permanent view.

Everyone, fish through zips have grown this year.  The Corps is funny about that, as it is happening you don't even notice, but looking back it is obvious.

I do not think there is a secret about what I believe; I have been very open with y'all about what I believe and stand for since the beginning of the year.  I said from the start that it was about more than the Corps for me and I think that has shown.  I know the Lord has blessed me personally, and I hope everyone can say the same after this year.  Your child was placed in A-Co for a reason and I hope that reason is obvious based on your cadet's experiences, growth and development. 

My time is commander has been amazing.  I have had a large time getting to lead this outfit this year.  It is a blast to lead a group of people like A-Co.  There are a few things I will never forget about my time in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band: first time marching on Kyle Field, last time marching on Kyle Field, meeting my fish on Kyle Field, leading Bloody Cross, reaching over 200 miles for the year, and shaking the general's hand after winning the Hochmuth award.  And the majority of these that I just mentioned are all form Zip year.  I could fill up about 13 blogs with the total amount of memories I have.  I know that my buddies are the same way, we have a ton of great memories.  The awesome thing is that your cadet is making his/her own memories right now as we speak.  They might not be the same as my memories, but we will each have enough to last a lifetime.

Again, this has been a great year, and a lot of fun.  I think everyone involved will agree that we experienced a lot of success and have established a change that has set A-Co up to be successful for many years to come. Thank you for entrusting your child to my care.  We have completely changed the culture in A-Co and that would not have been possible without your 100% support of your child and of me.  I am truly appreciative.

My last challenge would be to remain in Relentless Pursuit of Life, to not just stand by and let it happen, but to go attack it.

God Bless,

This would be a proper blog post without a schedule so here is the order for Saturday
0910 Form on Quad
0930 Step off 
1000 1st Pass
1030 Conclude review
1110 Form up/Step off
1120 Form on Kyle / yell practice
1130 2nd Pass
1200 Conclusion
Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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